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2018 CSA Program Information

What is a CSA?

CSA Stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  It is an  arrangement that provides a direct connection between you and us, your local farmers. The upfront payment by dedicated CSA members helps a CSA farmer by providing an immediate income to begin the season and a reliable outlet for his food. In return, the CSA members get the freshest produce available and have a direct link to where their food is grown. The CSA members share in the risk of production and reduce the need for time-consuming marketing. This allows the farmer to concentrate on growing high quality food, while strengthening the local food system as a whole. CSA members eat healthy, sustainably produced, local food and have the satisfaction of knowing where it came from, how it was grown, and who grew it! 

How Our CSA Works

Every week you receive your "share" of the produce from the farm. Generally, the contents of a share have the same variety of items, with the difference between Large and Small shares being the quantity of each item.   We allow a limited number of substitutions based on availability of the items.  You can have your entire share pre-packaged for quick pickup or you can select your items at the CSA pickup section of our farm stand.  There is an "exchange box" where you can "leave" an item and "pick" another, if you like.  This area is open on CSA pickup days (currently Friday, Saturday or Sunday).

Full details are in the booklet that you receive upon joining the CSA program.

Early Sign-up Bonus DISCOUNT

A Discount of $25 applies if your paperwork and payment is received by May 31, 2018

CSA Shares

2018 CSA Shares and Options

Basic Shares

(Planned for 22 weeks From May to October)

Small (for 1-2 people)  $350  or  Large (for 3-4 people)  $650


$100 Each (Added On to any size Basic Share)

Asian (Up to 3 Asian Style Items added per box)

Flowers (One Bunch Per Week)

Indian (Up to 3 Indian Style Items added per box)

Italian (Up to 3 Italian Style Items added per box)

All 4 of the above options together ( $350 ) at a discount off of the full price.

Future Options/Add Ons Being Considered

Eggs (One Dozen Organic Eggs per week)